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Emerald Real Estate in Nicaragua

An independently owned real estate base at the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua. Encompassing real estate in Nicaragua, Popoyo Nicaragua , Hacienda Iguana Nicaragua, Granada and also real estate in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.


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Emerald Investment is an independently owned and operated Real Estate company with close ties to our local community and a comprehensive understanding of our market. Emerald Real State is located on the Emerald coast of Nicaragua. It encompassing real estate in Nicaragua, Popoyohacienda iguana, Granada and also real estate in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Moreover, We are here to help you with all of your real estate needs whether you are looking to buy or sell in the area. We will provide you Nicaragua real estate for sale by owner himself/herself meeting directly with you. 

For our Sellers, we have been able to incorporate new marketing ideas including aerial photos using drone technology, videos on YouTube and using a variety of other types of social media. In addition, It will help broadcast to a larger audience and bring buyers from all parts of the world. 

Furthermore, Emerald specializes in a level of personal service not usually seen in this area. We also focusing our efforts on your property to give it the attention it deserves by taking full advantage of both local and global marketplaces. 

Together, we are an in-house real estate, property management and business solutions team with two web and social media experts, a marketing specialist, an escrow coordinator and an executive manager to help with every last detail during each transaction.

For our Buyers, whatever your dream may be whether its finding a safe and beautiful home for your family, a turnkey business, or a land overlooking the ocean, we will take you under our wing to help you to find it. We will be the secure, transparent and efficient help that you are looking for.

Each listing is unique with its own set of circumstances. These may include: ownership debates, land issues, permitting problems, residency, etc. The list goes on and on. With our highly trained team, we will make sure all issues are resolved promptly and accurately.hacienda iguana nicaragua real estate 

Jackson Rowland

CEO Emerald Investment Nicaragua



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